screen-shot-2017-02-11-at-3-54-47-pmAn Estuary is a fluid environment within which many diverse forces exist freely and in union, filled with saltwater and freshwater that is divided in the same space. Our concept looks at the interaction between the emotional and rational mind and how this correlates to the nature of salt and freshwater within an estuary. Subdermal Currents has responded to the National Maritime Museum’s brief on river ecology with a graphic representation of the collision, eruption and convergence of two forces, employing animation and manipulated footage to deliver a highly engaging sensory experience for a wide audience to enjoy. The museum attracts a variety of visitors and we have designed our animation to be inclusive and enjoyable for all, with a more specific focus on the individual and personal reflection. With an experimental focus on the spontaneous and free form, this work provides respite from educational content at the central position of the exhibition and individuals leave feeling replenished.


Final animation: