Louise Wolstenholme

Hi, my name is Louise and I am a Visual Communication student. I’m came into this elective with little to no experience with animation and I thoroughly enjoyed it, feeling challenged and inspired. Click on the links below to see the research, experimentation and conceptualisation that I contributed to our group’s project, as well as my reflection on working with such in an incredibly creative and diverse group of students.

Initial Research: Immersion into the Course

Collecting Data: Dean Walsh Choreography

Research: Motion Design

Concept: Brainstorm

Software: Introduction to MoBu

Concept: Panorama Workshop

Concept: Response to Panoramas

Research: Surrealism and Society

Feedback: Intermin Presentation

Concept: Mark Making

Concept: Panoramic Designs

Experimentation: MoBu

Research: Salt and Freshwater Meet

Experimentation: First Asset Test

Experimentation: Second Asset Test

Experimentation: Visuals in MoBu

Feedback: Practice Pitch

Finals: Animation and Presentation

Final: Reflection