2. Meeting Dean Walsh


The morning of day 2 took us back into the data arena to observe and participate in the choreography of Dean Walsh. This session took my understanding of this course to a while different level, and I think it properly hit me what I was actually doing (in a good way).

The participatory element of the session was, for want of a better word challenging in so far that Dean was asking us to get out of our comfort zone (and into his) and take on the choreography. I enjoyed it and I’m better for it as I believe I have a tiny comprehension of that world.

My immediate reactions from Dean Walsh are described in the diary sketches below.


I attempted to think about the subsets brought forward by Chris, territory and intruder and associate some kind of physicality from the morning in the data arena to them. It was challenging but some of the thoughts that hit me were:


  • Male and female: intrusion of space, the limits there of. When is company intrusion? Why are two males in the territory of a female different to two female in the territory of a male? Can territories even be blanketed across gender?
  • Find the impetus of Goldsworthy in this area.
  • Is this a representation of the primitive human state? Possibly by undertaking this exercise, we could be tapping into a thread of a behaviour and mind from a different eon. This thought connects well with Deans comprehension of the connection to animals. He used the example of dancing in Australian Aboriginal rites. This is something to think about further.
  • Is this a representation of the womb?

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