Research: Salt and Freshwater Meet

To continue on with some research that may assist in helping us develop a visual identity, I looked into images of where saltwater and freshwater meet. The first image of the estuary Hervey Bay in Queensland was taken from outer space and beautifully captures the movement of water out of the enclosed space. The second image is very interesting and shows the point of convergence between the Baltic Sea and North Sea which do not mix due to their difference in density (Hitchcock, 2013). Finally, the third image is not of salt and fresh water meeting, but rather of two different coloured rivers in Utah which I just thought was inspiring in relation to the colour scheme.

Looking at these images and thinking about how saltwater and freshwater push against and move through each other had me thinking about the process of osmosis that occurs in most species of fish in these two environments. The image of a thin membrane that materials push through and transfer from either side was a very interesting concept to consider – a barrier between two elements. I think this could be explored further in terms of how the emotional and rational minds overwhelm each other and take over, pushing past each barrier. This idea could be very applicable in our design.


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