Final: Animation and Presentation

Below are images of our final animation sequence that Gisele did so well to put together with limited time and resources. Under each frame is an explanation of the symbolism of each element.

‘An exploration of how a clear direction/state of mind/river can evolve into murkiness. Point of connection between saltwater and freshwater.’ (Nour, G.)
‘Segmented portions conveying the tumultuous dynamics between freshwater and saltwater, rational and emotional mind. Each element is intrusive in the other’s space, there is a give and take, flow and recede of each estuary element.’ (Nour, G.)
‘Blocks of simple colours, showing the balance that can be achieved between the emotional and rational mind. They still exist together, but in a calmer state. Also is a reference to how saltwater and freshwater do not mix, but remain adjacent.’ (Nour, G.)

I believe the visuals do reflect the aim of our piece as the initial divided screens give each person in the space an individual screen to look at, separating them from the group. Once the eruption of particles occurs a sense of unrest is introduced into the area and you are forced to turn your head and search of the next element that begins creeping into the space. As the siphonophore movements take over the space we see the emotional mind taking over, before the fluid images settle and balance is restored as the images fade out, capturing our exploration of one state of the mind overwhelming the other.

Gisele and Helen also created additional sequences that we presented in the data arena which we considered to be clips that would be included in the 5 minute exhibition as unique stages in the narrative. It was really engaging seeing the panoramic screen divided into segments displaying different elements, whilst Helen’s design had come a really long way conceptually and would act predominantly later on in the narrative to show to the coming together of two entities.

Nour, G. additional sequence
Chun, H. additional sequence

Unfortunately, our presentation didn’t go as smoothly as we would have liked, with difficulties playing the sequences due to export issues. However, Gisele and Jason were eventually able to fix these and when we presented again we had more visitors watching which was quite exciting. Thanks to Jack, our sound had a great impression on the audience and our intention to provoke movement in the audience was also received really well.

Ultimately, I wish I could have produced better outcomes in MoBu to use in our work as I felt that the lack of creativity in this area let us down somewhat so I am disappointed with my contribution there.

Our presentation in the lab went well also, although there was a dispute over the formatting of the presentation document. Chris had not made this entirely clear whether it should be designed to be presented on the big screen or to be received in an email, as he kept references font size for the presentation whilst counteracting this with layout for a brief document. However, we were allowed to make adjustments to our final document before submission so it wasn’t too significant a problem.

Subdermal Currents, presentation slide

I had put the presentation together and I was pleased with its aesthetic. As we are taught in VisCom, supporting documentation for any projects should essentially exhibit a similar style or aesthetic that is present in the primary work. Hence, I included water colour marking throughout the presentation as our animation followed these lines of water. However, I didn’t want to make the presentation just black and white to match, so I included a repeating soft blue shade which added some character to the work.



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