Feedback: Practice Pitch

We all felt pretty good about the demonstration of our WIP as Gisele and Helen had worked really hard through experimentations and Gisele had put so much effort and time into compiling the clips into an engaging piece. We were very pleased when Kevin Sumption agreed that the piece achieved its purpose of being meditative and he thoroughly enjoyed the submersing sounds. He couldn’t offer much more specific feedback other than to think about the experiences an individual faces before they arrive at your installation and how these frame their state of mind, how they receive your work. He also raised an interesting point on the difficulty of measuring the success of an exhibit, especially one that has an artistic focus over an educational one.


I found Kevin’s input really important in understanding how a person feels before they experience an exhibition. Furthermore, his clarification of an exhibits role as artistic or educational had a strong impact on our group as we realised we wanted our to be more artistic as it was a creative representation of our interpretation of the research on saltwater and freshwater meeting in estuaries.

Chris’s feedback was more specific and included notes such as:

  • create a strong sense of eruption and force through imagery and emphasise this through sound, which is very important
  • adding another layer of imagery could be very beneficial, work with assets you already have
  • potentially break up the screen into smaller frames again like you did in the beginning, the repetition would work well

Holger suggested that the piece might be too jumpy but we tried to explain that we wanted to create a sense of unrest as the tension builds between the two forces and then they find balance. I suggested to Gisele that the left area of the visuals with the overlapping particles looking slightly messy and she agreed to choreograph these better with my help creating some better assets.

Unfortunately, on this last day Gisele worked from home whilst I was at uni and I had difficulty understanding what she needed me to create from her in MoBu and ended up sending her my files for her to work through as she could streamline the process whilst I continued working on the task of editing Helen’s work on the 500 work rationale and creating the presentation document for the final day. Once Gisele had finished the animation, she also had a look at the rationale and edited the paragraph on the visual elements as she had a greater understanding of this. Overall, I felt the rationale was written very well, a good concise statement about our project, and below are links to the documents related to its development. 





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