Experimentation: Visuals in MoBu

We continued on with creating more assets for our piece as we determined that we still didn’t quite have enough and Gisele had to reshoot some videos that weren’t in a high enough resolution. I was again working in Motion Builder, creating assets for both Helen and Gisele who were working on different sequences in After Effects. From my initial tests, I began experimenting with colours and shapes that Gisele had introduced to me through her research into the dynamics between oil and water, especially in the film ‘Odyssey’. 

However, this came out looking very static and no where near as playful and fluid as I’d hoped but I was reassured by Gisele at this point that I should mainly look at the white and black forms I had been working with originally as it looked like we would be working with this as a colour scheme. I created a few different renders of the particles but I wasn’t sure how to take the designs further with my limited skills in MoBu.

Additionally, Helen asked me to create some particles that were moving within their shape, based on the liquid plates tests they conducted. Although this was a rushed experiment, I liked the idea of the moving particles and if I’d had more time I would have liked to look into this more, as I know other groups achieved this. However, our group was feeling somewhat under the pump and as Gisele was working from home whilst I was at uni, we had to stay in continuos contact over message as I tried to deliver assets she needed.

Whilst this was going on Jack was working next to me on sound which he described to me as ethereal and reactive which I though was really accurate. The soundtrack was immersive and transportive to an illusory setting through deep sounds that reminded me of when your ears block on an aeroplane.


Khasanov, R. 2015, ‘Odyssey’ , Vimeo, viewed 30 January 2017, <https://vimeo.com/127468772 >


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