Experimentation: Second Asset Test

Our 2nd time testing elements in the data arena felt a lot more encouraging than the first as Gisele and Helen had produced some really intriguing film clips through their experimentation with oil and water, as well as food dye, glitter and milk. The clips explored the movement and force of different liquids pushing through, whilst simultaneously looking at the separation of two forms in one space. The sepia tone colours were very evocative, especially when juxtaposed with the bright, royal blue colour that I especially liked and had used previously in one of my panorama designs.

Another very successful test was the liquids on plates that when tipped made them flow in a way that was like tides on a shore and I thought this to be very significant in our exploration of the flow and currents of the mind taking over.

Our discussion with Chris and Holger afterwards yielded feedback such as:

  • keeping a simple colour scheme, potentially switching back and forth between two colours
  • conveying a particular point of confluence during the narrative
  • citing an educational source through a creative pursuit
  • potential of not using the entire screen, just a band or section to interact with the individual within the audience

Based on Chris’s feedback, Helen created a really great work flow diagram that demonstrated the progression of our concept in a very succinct way. This was incredibly helpful in honing in our creative direction as we realised the goal of our work in being a meditative piece as whilst the beginning of the narrative sees an unrest unfold between two forces, it eventually calms and finds balance and harmony.

Chun, H. concept flowchart

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