Experimentation: MoBu

As Gisele and Helen decided between them that it would be most beneficial to play to their strengths and work with 2D animation, I agreed to help out and take a shot at working with Motion Builder. This was a very unexpected role that I took on at quite a late stage in the project as well and I did struggle. In our initial presentation we had stated that Gisele and Helen, being our two animators, would work primarily with this software as Jack and I had no experience. If I had known this from the beginning, I would have taken better notes from Holger’s lessons as I essentially had to ask him to help me from the beginning.

Working with Dean’s motion capture data, I planned on creating two forms that were distinct in representing the grace of the siphonophores and rigidness of the arthropods and these forms would move around each other. 

The white, bulbous trails appear in the space slowly and have a long lifetime so that the shapes left behind are reminiscent of some strange appearances of the siphonophore species that I’d come across in my previous research. I liked the flat, 2D appearance of the circles and how they collected to look like a thick substance. However, I’m not sure the size of these particles is appropriate, and so I think I’ll have to experiment with smaller ones. 

The black, spiky form is attached to one of Dean’s hand markers during his arthropod choreography and darts quickly around the space. The black scribbled line was created in photoshop and I wanted it to convey a sense of prickliness or sharpness as that was a feature I associated with this species. I liked that even while the shape was still in one spot, it was still bristling with energy. I may need to test applying this particle to a number of markers to achieve a sharp that is less round.

I chose black and white to create a clear difference in these entities, on top of their already diverse shapes. I think this is a well recognised colour scheme for two opposing forces but this may be tweaked depending on the aesthetic we choose for our piece. I am still very interested in working with colour.


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