Experimentation: First Asset Test

The assets we tested in the data arena today were primarily elements that Gisele and Helen had been working on, with some additional elements from Jack and I. Gisele had created some particle movements in Maya that were like white sand or droplets that began floating in a collective group and then suddenly where rushed and pushed around the screen as through a force of water or wind had pushed them. This was really successful in conveying a notion of intrusion and taking over. I showed the Motion Builder tests which I had been working on but it was clear these needed refinement and to be applied in a more creative manner.

Unfortunately, the black and white panoramas I had worked on previously didn’t show up in a high enough resolution so we were unable to receive much feedback on those, except that they had an interesting cellular quality about them. Helen showed her panoramic animation that she had been developing which had a really interesting undulating movement that brought it to life as this breathing organism which everyone really enjoyed.

Chun, H. panorama in AE test

As a group, I think it was clear that we were slightly underprepared for our asset testing as it seemed that most of us had been working on researching topics for our concept rather than translating this into visual ideas. Whilst I don’t think this was necessarily bad as it really opened up our concept, it did restrict how much feedback Chris and Holger were able to give us.

After this session we discussed as a group the project roles we would take on in order to be more productive from this point onwards and determined the following:

  • Helen and Gisele: experimentation with oil and water to produce assets, potentially working with Maya with these
  • Jack: creating sound options and possibly creating more panoramas, collages, illustrations etc.
  • Myself: conducting motion builder tests with particle movements for the modalities and possibly creating panoramas as well

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