8.2.17: Final presentation



(Wolstenholme, L. 2017)
(Nour, G. 2017)

Our final presentation!

Our group had a LOT of issues this morning trying to export our image sequences as mp4’s using the mkmeg script. It would just say that the path couldn’t be found and wouldn’t export anything. We’d arrived at 8.30am but even by 9.30, our deadline, it just wasn’t working. Jason, the technical genius of UTS had been spending the whole hour trying to work out what the problem was but by the end we had to just leave the files with him and accompany Chris to the Data Arena to start the presentations. It was a very stressful situation, and even though Jason had arrived with the files, which had worked on the lab computers, they wouldn’t play in the Data Arena.

We gave our verbal presentation, and Jason and I left to try work the script again in the level 3 computer lab. This time they finally worked, all three test sequences (that morning Helen’s was the only one that worked, and we hadn’t even had a chance to try the third sequence!). Turns out the sound file was the issue – it was an .mp3 and only a .wav file would run the script.

We managed to present our film at 12pm, which was actually quite nice because there were several visitors watching by that point, including an animation tutor, Deborah Szapiro.

We got a lot of good feedback – the sound made a great impression and Deb liked that our intention aimed to get museum guests moving around the space. Upon asking what we’d change in our piece, we expressed a desire to include a bit more depth into our piece.

(Nour, G. 2017)

Some slides from our in-class presentation:



(Mindmap, Chun, H 2017; Presentation, Wolstenholme, L. 2017)

Overall the past two and a half weeks have definitely been a very intense, immersive experience. It was a steep learning curve but led to a great ability to make snap decisions and not become too attached to any one concept or idea, to analyse each critically and objectively and choose the best one for the brief. It was a good experience at looking at each team member’s strengths and making the most of them in the project. I’m really pleased with our concept and how our animation turned out. It was definitely stressful but it worked out without any irreversible/unsolvable hiccups in the process. It was also really great to learn a new program (especially being an animator) and gain experience working with a different space (especially such a unique one) and with people from different design disciplines. I’ve never worked on a solely abstract piece before and it definitely inspires an alternative way of thinking. It will definitely aid in future projects now I’m in the habit of asking, “What do I want to convey? What do I want the viewer to feel? How do I do that? Does my current work accomplish that? How can I tell?”


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