6.2.17: Data Arena test 3; Kevin Sumption

Our group presented our animation to our tutors Chris and Holger, and special guest Kevin Sumption (director of the Australian National Maritime Museum). He wasn’t able to give us specific feedback but as our piece is meditative and focused on the individual, he asked the hypothetical of how one might measure whether our goal was successful. He suggested (to all groups) to consider implementing beanbags as an option to extend the watch-time of museum visitors.

(Nour, G. 2017)

Back in the labs we discussed further plans for Tuesday (our last day to work on our piece) and Chris brought up really valuable ideas to improve our animation. Primarily:

  • Emphasise the aspect of the ink PUSHING THROUGH to the end of the piece, especially as the MotionBuilder assets at the end of the animation don’t really feel like they match the rest of the panoramic area.
  • Another layer is needed – whether it’s unwinding particles, another element to the piece (and thus a longer sequence, as we didn’t want to complicate and crowd our established 30 seconds of animation)
  • SOUND: matching sounds to different elements, such as submersion, repetition, extending. Synchronising and creating motifs of matching sound and visuals. As Chris put it, “assign qualities to elements”.

Chris also liked the idea of eruptions, force, voluminous forms in our animation.

Holger thought our piece was a bit jumpy, a bit too much to constantly turn one’s head and look at all the elements. But we discussed the notion and agreed that it was the sort of piece that we wanted to have the build-up/tension/unrest that one does become overwhelmed, before it settles to something more calm and balanced. I also brought up the idea that we were all sitting down when we watched it in the Data Arena, but in a museum perhaps it’d be more effective if we didn’t have beanbags for guests to sit on, and instead encourage them to move around the space to look at all the elements. I had appreciated this aspect on our first day in the Data Arena when we could turn and check out the Google Earth.

Our plans for the next day and a half:

(Nour, G. 2017)


  • Fix up the sound, as per Chris’ feedback – attribute sound to elements.


  • More MotionBuilder assets/tests, something more horizontal so I can implement a stronger sense of push/force in the end scene.
  • Head the presentation, her area of expertise.

Gisele (me):

  • Fix up the test sequence (extend the line of force from the ink to the particle effects that Lou will make). Will test out different effects (e.g. a single asset at the end, a tiled sceen, oil covering the screen, Chris’ suggested “unwrapping” of the particles)
  • 2nd test sequence (brief asked for 2-3 test sequences to accompany the primary one. Helen’s test sequence is one of them).


  • Write 500 word rationale (Lou hadn’t done it on Sunday like she’d said she would so gave the job to Helen)
  • Try out another test sequence using some of our oil tests.


GROUP MEET: 3pm Tuesday to practise and go over our presentation.


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