3.2.17: Data Arena test 2

Today we tested our assets in the Data Arena. They were a very rushed job to roughly put together.

(Nour, G. 2017)

Notes from Chris’ and Holger’s feedback:


(Nour, G. 2017)

Overall Chris and Holger liked our experimentation and number of assets but wanted to see evidence of planning and how they would look and interact together on screen. However I was rather confident that we’d be able to put something together, but personally I prefer to work things out as I go, and not plan so much (especially when it comes to abstract animation).

Seeing it for the first time in the Data Arena was a good way for us to visualise how our elements might work together. We all liked the changing states of liquid and Lou and Jack particularly liked the “royal blue” that would fill the screen.

Another note was that our footage was a bit too blurry so I have to reshoot tonight or tomorrow morning before putting together a more final animation together.

Helen made a really concise graph of our conceptual progress and how our ideas link, which was super helpful.

(Chun, H. 2017)

Many things to do over the weekend!


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