Day 12 – Wed 8 Feb: Final Presentation

Day 12 –Final Presentation

Session 10

Final presentation day and Murphy S Law had to join the party!

I had come in the day before to ensure the jpeg sequence would be outputted properly. There were problems, however, Jason and Holger were at hand to help. Therefore I felt less pressured this morning until we found that we had to output it again due to the sound.

Gisele also came across issues in outputting her sequence in the script so we were pushed right up to the time of presentation.

We had guest artists come in and other tutors including Deborah Szapiro (this really made me nervous).

When it came to our time to present, we felt good about the oral presentation but then ARGGGHHH the primary animation would not play. Gisele and Jason had to go and output it again. Alas, we gave a super brief summary then on with the show.

Holger loved the sound and thought it held the piece together.






We presented and pretty much recapped on our process through these short weeks.

On reflection, this has been one of my most challenging classes I’ve taken at UTS. However, I felt I pushed myself in technology, as a designer, and as an artist. I’ve gained new friendships, consolidated existing friendships and met new future design collaborators.



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