Sat4 & Sun5 Feb

We continued to work on the project.

Jack was working on the sound sourcing unique sounds for the primary abstract piece abstract

Lou  was voted the spokesperson of our group. She was to draft the concise statement and (we were to contribute any thoughts to it) and 500word design rationale and research.

Gisele and I worked on the animation sequences.

Lou did a great job on attaching one of the dye swirling animation sequence to a particle emitter but unfortunately I couldn’t use it the supporting sequence as the camera cut the particle edges as it moved around. However, I was able to use Lou’s dancing blob which I thought had a lot of personality.

Wolstenholme, L. MoBu moving particle test


I threw in my 2cents worth regarding the Concise statement –  to start the ball rolling:



Gulley, N. 1964, “Homer, Plato, and the Two Cultures.” The Classical Review, vol. 14, no. 1, pp. 31–33.

Hoystad, O.M. 2007, ‘The Complex Man of Antiquity’, A History of the Heart, <>

Queensland Government 2013, WetlandInfo, viewed 28 January 2017, <>




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