Day 09 – Fri 3 Feb: Data Arena Test2

Day 9 – Data Arena Test 2
Session 8

I woke up to an email from Chris regarding the assessment results of Task 1 and comments about the blog. That is when I realised the blog was not meant to be the usual social blog but an academic one.

We were back in the data arena to test our developing assets and sequences. Gisele’s ink diffusing through oil was mesmerizing to most of us. So were the dyes swirling through milk, hence we steered the visual concept to more of an abstract narrative, focusing on the metaphoric estuary of a divided mind finding a harmonic estuarine space.



Unfortunately our concept beginning with, the premise of a physical estuary being the meeting place of salt water and fresh water and then framing it a metaphoric ideal of emotional and rational.

We began by focusing on an aspect of estuary, which was a transitional place where salt water meets and then we sought to frame it within a metaphoric abstract narrative of the states of being (emotional and rational). However, the feedback we received was that our visual representative did not relay this narrative and that it was difficult to ascertain how the individual acid elements could connect to form a sequence that would communicate this.

Hence, we left and regrouped.

We stripped all the noise back and simplified our path. Here’s the mindmap we came up with:

mind map.jpeg


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