2.2.17: Experiments

Helen and I spent the day in the photography room on level 2 doing oil tests.

(Nour, G., Chun, H. 2017)

Helen and I experimented using milk, ink, food dye, oil, water, glitter, glue, and paint, and blended and mixed with toothpicks and moving the plate. Overall I didn’t feel that it was overly successful. Thinking it might be the large area we were working with, we tried using a glass jar lid, and it was a little better with a smaller surface, but it was still hard controlling the elements we introduced. We would see a little variation and then it would blend together into a big black or grey mess.

On level 3 Lou tested a few bubble simulations in MotionBuilder and Jack worked on a bit of sound.

Lou and Jack left early, and Helen and I had to pack up and return the camera equipment by 4pm (when the photo lab closed). We went home and continued doing the experiments there that we didn’t get to try at uni that night – ink, oil, water, food dye, glitter in glass jars, for a layered, divided effect (see below).


(Nour, G. 2017)

Plans for tomorrow:

  • continue working on particle effects in Maya; export old tests with alpha for transparency
  • adjust WB (white balance) in AE and test layering the oil tests from today
  • data arena testing



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