1.2.17: Data Arena test 1; visual research

We tested our assets that we created yesterday within the Data Arena today. Overall quite successful, this is a collection of the feedback from Chris and Holger and notes of things we discussed:

  • Targeted at the individuals within the crowd. An opportunity to self-reflect, personal growth.
  • Can extend into other binaries – love hate, fear hope
  • Look at estuaries – where the salt and water meet
  • Study on water molecules
  • Explore an educational context
  • Is it a passive space? Is it an interactive space? Responsive space?
  • Thin line above and below – 2 seconds then change. Abrupt shots and glimpses.
  • Cross section of oil and water and colour in jar (2 spaces).
  • Think about interactivity.
  • **** HOW have you considered dean’s data? Don’t have to use it for the majority.
  • Render with an alpha channel and export into AE.
  • Consider what (literal) objects we could use? Amoebas, particle/growth underwater (similar to moss?).
  • Get panoramas made at a higher resolution
  • Consider the space as a whole, not just individual elements.
  • Sound: increasing into a cacophony, cluster, cocoon of sound.
  • Look at actual estuaries – find areal, birdseye view.
  • Look at topographic maps.


(Nour, G. 2017)

After getting back to class, Lou left early and Jack worked on some sound while Helen and I planned for our oil experiments tomorrow.

(Nour, G. 2017)

Helen suggested the cool idea of looking at a cross-section of oil and other mediums in a jar. We’re also going to attempt marbling paint on paper, smearing paint using twigs, film underneath perspex and plastic sheets to see the effects of paint and other materials dropping and interacting. If the oil, paint and water tests work then they’ll be a great opportunity to layer in AE (influenced by Miyanaga Akira), use as particles within MotionBuilder. They also should reflect topographic maps of estuaries, which will be another great interlinking of the concepts. We’re really excited to test these out tomorrow!

We discussed the film ‘Place Beyond the Pines’ which conveys an incredibly strong sense of immersion when watching the film.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 7.36.52 pm.png
(Place Beyond the Pines 2012)

This also reminded me of another compilation of images from other sources that I made last year for a different subject, also conveying strong immersive sensory images.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 7.37.00 pm.png
(Firewatch 2016); (Journey 2012)

‘Journey’ in particular is a video game based on the idea of being immersed in an environment. The game is almost more about the beautiful art than the actual gameplay (which is just a story-type exploration game). And ‘Firewatch’ has a beautiful sense of light in the game and how the colours and environment changes with it.

IDEA: look at the marine colour changes within estuaries, see what variations and shadows there are. Could be cool to incorporate into our film.

Based on Louise Zhang’s art (below) we added some extra mediums to take to uni tomorrow to play around with and looked at Ruslan Khasamov’s short films (stills seen below) for ideas of different ways of mark-making and footage.

We also looked at some references and art from different artists that related to our plans to stimulate some thoughts/ideas and brainstorm about our ensuing process (citation at end).

Louise Zhang

(Zhang, L. 2013-2015)

Ruslan Khasamov


(Khasanov, R. 2014)

Swept Away

(Khasanov, R. 2013)

Magnetik North ‘Fuck the Napkin’

(Khasanov, R. 2013)

Lumen Type

(Khasanov, R. 2012)

Miyanaga Akira

(Akira, M. 2012-2016)

I also set up a pinterest board to pin images more easily and have things to reference!


Our plan for tomorrow’s actions:

Helen: (with Gisele) a range of oil and colour tests using a variety of materials. Paint tests, paper marbling. Collect other assets: illustration, photos, montages, etc. Other animation possibly (don’t know if you’re comfortable with that)?

Gisele: (with Helen) a range of oil and colour tests using a variety of materials. Paint tests, paper marbling. Explore more particle effects and export them as alpha for Jack. Possibly test importing the oil tests into motionbuilder and layering them in AE. And if time, some 2D animated tests, if it fits the style.

Jack: create sound options, look at sound bites, sound sound sound. Also AE testing of tests and maybe some panoramas. Could look into the IPD design skills for designs we could import into motionbuilder re: arthro and sipho (e.g. shapes). Also asset building: montages, images, photos, etc.

Lou: motionbuilder tests, exploring multiple particle forms (like we did in class), attaching particles to different mocap joints and looking at the different shapes and interesting movements you can produce, thinking in terms of arthro and sipho. Also asset building: collages, illustrations, textures, etc.



Akira, M. 2016, teaser, Vimeo, viewed 1 February 2017, <https://vimeo.com/178053273 >.

Akira, M. 2014, WAVY, Vimeo, viewed 1 February 2017, <https://vimeo.com/110559751 >.

Akira, M. 2013, KIWA (excerpt), Vimeo, viewed 23 January 2017, <https://vimeo.com/80901407 >.

Akira, M. 2012, NETWORKS “Phoenergy” MusicVideo by MIYANAGA Akira, Vimeo, viewed 23 January 2017, <https://vimeo.com/130606356 >.

Campo Santo 2016, Firewatch, video game, PS4, Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Data Arena 2017, posted by G. Nour, Pinterest, viewed 1 February 2017, <https://au.pinterest.com/giselenour/data-arena/ &gt;.

Khasanov, R. 2014, Warm-Up, Vimeo, viewed 1 February 2017, <https://vimeo.com/92839404 >.

Khasanov, R. 2013, Swept Away, Vimeo, viewed 1 February 2017, <https://vimeo.com/61765017 >.

Khasanov, R. 2013, Magnetik North ‘Fuck the Napkin’, Vimeo, viewed 1 February 2017, <https://vimeo.com/78155256 >.

Khasanov, R. 2012, Lumen Type, Vimeo, viewed 1 February 2017, <https://vimeo.com/52305654 >.

Place Beyond the Pines 2012, Motion Picture, Focus Features, US.

thatgamecompany 2012, Journey, video game, PS3, Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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Zhang, L. 2014, For the Love of Goo, Yen Magazine, viewed 31 January 2017, <http://www.yenmag.net/louise-zhang-and-her-goo-love/ >.

Zhang, L. 2015, Plomp, Louise Zhang, viewed 31 January 2017, <http://www.sightunseen.com/2015/01/louise-zhang-artist/ >.


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