Concept: Brainstorm

Our group began brainstorming a number of ideas we were excited to explore and had already conducted some research into.  An area that significantly stood out for all of us was the notion of ‘thought’ which Gisele initially introduced into the group with her idea about dreaming and the notion that nightmares can be intruders in the mind. Helen linked this idea to the brain and neurological diseases that could be intruders, whilst Jack made some interesting comments about subliminal messaging. The topic of thought made me consider the notion of memory and determining what is real and imagined.

Wolstenholme, L. idea map

After a further in-depth discussion of this concept we all realised the way in which the thinking process is highly diverse process that is complex, contained (within the headspace) and fruitful of many ideas, qualities that we metaphorically related back to the qualities of an estuary; a dynamic environment, enclosed by land on most sides and which sustains the life of many organisms. Furthermore, we looked at the notion of how often it happens that thoughts enter your mind that you don’t want to have and thus they are an intrusion in a very personal and internal territory. More refinement is needed for this idea but it was a great start for our conceptual direction.


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