Concept: Panorama Workshop

The panorama workshop was very exciting for me as a visual communication student as I do a lot of work with symbolic mark making and conceptualisation so this was right up my alley. Although our outcomes may not have had clearly transferrable elements for MotionBuilder imagery, I think this process really helped loosen up our group’s ideas and introduce more creative experimentation which was a lot of fun.


Our first panorama explored the notion of ‘intruder’ and had a lot of dark imagery, cutting lines and an interesting black  and red colour motif. The work seemed to portray the idea of being alone in a void space, as seen in the small figures in large black areas, and equally looked at the disintegration of forms through the cutting up of images. I really liked that although there are distinct sections in the panorama, they still achieve a sense of flow and narrative through the use of lines.

panorama based on theme ‘intruder’
panorama based on siphonophore and arthropod modalities

The second panorama was used to examine the representation of modalities, and we were looking at siphonophores and arthropods. The black paint was applied in a way that was long and unguided, much like an “elongated jellyfish” (Simpson, 2015), whilst the sharp blue shapes are reminiscent of crustacean (arthropod) pincers slicing through water. Further imagery was explored in this test but we agreed that the initial images were the most successful.

A discussion with Chris during the completion of our modality panorama had us really considering the direction of our concept and the need to refine the notion of ‘thought’, as he suggested this was a very broad topic to consider. We had an intense brainstorming session afterwards and decided to focus in on the point that estuaries are the occurrence for many diverse and opposing organisms and situations, and more specifically an estuary is the meeting place of saltwater and freshwater. In relation to ‘thought’, Jack brought to our attention the way in which an individual’s mind operates through emotional and logical thinking. We all agreed this was a good direction to further our concept and continue research as the opposing nature of these forces reflects that of saltwater and freshwater.


Simpson, J. 2015, ‘Siphonophore video: Marine biologists capture rare sea creature in the Gulf of Mexico’, Independent, magazine website, accessed January 27 2017, < >

New England Aquarium, 2012, ‘Exhibit Galleries Blog’, weblog, photograph by Clem, A. accessed January 27 2017, < >


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