Initial Research: Immersion into the Course

Our introduction into this course was equally inspiring and overwhelming, you could even say we were drowning in information. Chris and Holger launched us into the areas we would be covering, including the software, the data arena, Dean Walsh and the themes of ‘estuary’, ‘territory’ and ‘intruder’. A focus on these concepts seemed to me like the best route for starting my research for this course. To keep these concepts and my ideas open, I created mind maps for each which brought to light some interesting information. Up until now I had never heard of the term estuary and was equally clueless as to what it was so these simples notes helped to clear up my confusion.

Having no experience with MotionBuilder or animation in general am I very excited to learn a new skill set and am eager to see what develops. I selected this elective based on my experience with After Effects in one of my core subjects for Visual Communication which I thoroughly enjoyed. It has become clear already though that the majority of students in the class are animation students and would most likely take charge of this work.

In addition to creating mind maps on these themes, I have also begun a Pinterest board to collect images that will be useful for visual references throughout this project. Two images that have already stood out for me, not only in relation to the themes but also installation/exhibition design, are of ‘kaleidoscope cube’ and ‘Field of Light’.

In the first installation, I see the glass towers intruding into the natural environment, but equally they are disguised which I find interesting as often intruders sneak into places they aren’t allowed. In the second installation, I feel as though the lights are spreading out to claim the area as its own which is really beautiful. More of these images can be seen on my Pinterest board:


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