Concept: Mark Making

From Chris’s feedback, a word that really stood out for me was ‘disconnection’ and I decided to explore this through some image making techniques that could yield more ideas and assets for motion builder. I have enjoyed working with watercolours as of late so decided to continue with this, employing a simple yet effective colour palette of black and white variants, with an interruption of blue.

The shapes explore a sense of disintegration, separation and also opposing forms through colour and size. For example, the left image sees two bowed, black forms almost touching which juxtapose with a long, raged black line in create a sense of unbalance. In the second image, the square-like shapes dissolve quickly into an organic and misty form to demonstrate the taking apart of solid forms.

Personally, I am very interested in Asian ink artworks, especially in this circumstance where we are exploring contrasting notions that can be likened to Yin and Yang, which a symbol frequently seen in this style of art. Whilst this resonated nicely with our concept, I couldn’t help but also appreciate the use of water colours as a homage to marine environments. I’m not entirely sure how I will use this artworks further in our project, but for now they have been helpful in furthering my understanding of our concept.



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