Research: Motion Design

My first time in the data arena was undoubtedly eye-opening as I was introduced to a whole new, enveloping, way of viewing moving images, as well as learning about many other impressive applications for this technology in the presentation of information. After this experience, and later in conjunction with Dean’s workshop, I decided to research some examples of cinematic and motion capture performances that could provide inspiration for our assessment, especially in relation to the human body and dancing.

Hiroaki Umeda’s ‘Holistic Strata’ examined two physical conditions, being dynamic and static, through an engaging performance that resonated with Dean’s work through this creation of a living organism. This performance really utilised sound to emphasise the shifts in movement direction which was very powerful.

Method Studio’s colourful, pop showreel displayed an incredible variety of textures and animated materials, such as fur, feathers, sand and string, that transformed the human shape into an explosive dance performance. The variety of textures in this video is amazing and really opens up the imaginative to colour as well.

Finally, Tobias Gremmler’s motion capture experimentation with Kung Fu movements equally displayed a number of unique textures and forms but in a more organic, calculated aesthetic that was indeed mesmerising. The human form was the least obvious in this example and for me by far the most interesting.


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