Collecting Data: Dean Walsh Choreography

The workshop with Dean Walsh was truly enlightening as to the unique practices undertaken by individuals in their creative work. Dean’s exploration of marine ecology and submerged human practices through his experimental choreography is a highly complex  process to consider but his outcomes were engaging and provocative.


I was especially interested in his introduction of blocking when interacting with other in a strict environment. The sensory experience I got to be involved in gave me great insight into entering a foreign environment which I believe will help significantly with my research on the theme of intruder as that is what I felt I became as I looked out into a dark expanse through my blindfold and listened to the eerie sounds of submersion under water. My imagery below explores this sensation as well as the interactions faced when engaging in the modalities Dean dictated.

Furthermore, Dean’s choreography  was especially engaging and it was great to recognise how his choreographed dance moves really reflected the movements of the species he was representing. His taxonomy of movement was thorough and engaging to look through, making it apparent the extent of his research and exploration of this topic which is quite inspiring. I left the data arena topic looking forward to working with the data we’d collected as I could already imagine many applications, despite being limited by my inexperience with animation.


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