Day 06 – Tues 31 Jan

Day 6 – No Session

No formal class but came into  UTS to work.

Gisele worked from home building assets and conducting tests. We were in touch throughout the day. Gisele made dynamic particles in Maya and MotionBuilder.

Jack and I came into UTS to work on the acid elements. Jack created particles, which could be included in the animation sequence.

Based on Monday’s feedback, of the panoramas, we were informed that the connection between estuary, as a transitional space, and the human psyche, in particular, regarding the emotion and rational state, needed clarification. Chris responded well to us framing our research in the writings of Homer and Plato and suggested come from the perspective of and hence utilized the antiquarian research as the narrative driver.

Holger also recognized there was a disconnect between the piece and its audience. He alluded back to Dean’s notion that we all have left a genetic footprint in nature. We were encouraged to concentrate on how people would respond to the film.


So taking these points into account, and I worked on the panorama, which would immerse the viewer in the 360-degree space and bring them into the physical estuary. I added the particles adapted from  Dean’s motion capture data, selecting the motion from the siphonophores and arthropods. The siphonophores, whose movements are dictated by their surroundings (JelliesZone n.d.), represented the Homeric notion as Homer’s heroes were swayed by their emotions. Whereas, the arthropods, with their exoskeletons, are rigid and have choice in their direction of movement (Oceanic Research Group 2013).


Holger had shown us previously how to integrate the MotionBuilder assets into After Effects. I have utilized After Effects before but never using the 3D option. This was fantastic! I have been able to achieve the parallax effect – ( 2017) on the 2D platform where I move the background images at a slower rate than the foreground content thus creating a 3D effect. The 3D option in After Effects means I can move the camera instead of the background and foreground content in order to achieve the effect of the viewer moving in and through the scene.

Holger was great in helping Jack with the particles, and I was not succeeding too well in the morning with MotionBuilder and I then reflected on what Chris said regarding combining 2D elements so I focused on 2D After Effects for the rest of the day.


The JelliesZone n.d., Siphonophores, viewed 13 February 2017, <>

Oceanic Research Group 2013, Arthropods: Underwater Knights in Shining Armour, viewed 13 February 2017, <> 2017, How to – Parallax Scrolling, viewed 11 February 2017,<;




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