1. Introduction and Motionbuilder

Day 1:

Immersion, Data Visualisation and Movement was vastly different to the preconceived ideas I had of it. As I was explaining to Cory, who left after day 1, I think the word ‘data’ threw me off. I had imagined something to do with info-graphics. This course is an introduction to animation, animation software where expression is facilitated through choreography. Chris and Holger took us through was we could expect in the two and half weeks and I was ready to get into it.

Day 1 allowed me to get my head wrapped around these ideas and with a bang we were learning how to use Autodesk Motionbuilder. Holgar brought us into this vitual world and he worked fast, so I kept up and learned the basics.



Motionbuilder: A brave new world of dance and choreography.


I learnt a lot from the first day on motionbuilder and luckily I’ve had my fair share of time spent on solidmodelling and design software so I was able to get the idea quickly enough. As I discovered at some point throughout day 1, knowledge of animation software, research and processes would be key here – of which I knew none. I quickly established some basic assistance from animation students who clarified some foundational things for me.

The afternoon took us into the data arena for the first time. I was excited and very much looking forward to experiencing what it was capable of.

We had a look at Google’s ‘Earth’ (minus China and N. Korea) which brought on my first bought of motion sickness and vertigo. In any case I thoroughly enjoyed google earth being used in this fashion and the guide who was taking us through it had a lot to say about the technical specification of the computers running the whole operation. Interesting stuff. The point of the data arena tour that grabbed me was its ability to creatively display data. The Government and food characteristics data sets that were displayed enabled the viewer to look at specific characteristics of the data in a whole new way. It may have been a little bland but I actually loved it. The whole time I was imagining other ways to use it in this fashion, for example commuter behaviour or people flow in crowded areas.


(above) Observing Dean Walsh’s choreography of an Arthropod.










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