Concept: Response to Panoramas

The panoramas I produced in response to our workshop outcomes focused on contrasting forms that represent the notions of emotion and logic and examines how these forces act when they are alone and when they are together. Whilst both explore the same idea, I tried to communicate this through different visual techniques related to colour, size and shape. I hoped that these outcomes would provided a beginning reference for the aesthetic of our animation.



In both, the rational mind is represented by sharp, straight, cutting lines which highlight the directness and indisputable nature of logic and fact. In the first example, the lines intercept the path of the red line, demonstrating how logical thought can make it difficult for us to achieve our desires. The emotional mind is captured through brightly coloured, fluid forms that appear to float and avoid the straight forms. I tried to convey the way in which emotion can sometimes overwhelm logic so that we don’t make actions based on intellectual reasoning, as seen when the blue forms swell up to overcome the white lines.

In relation to the modalities explored by Dean and based on previous research, we determined that logic is suited to the arthropods through its rigidness, confinement and calculated movements. Emotion, however, finds relevance in the siphonophores which move freely and uncontrolled in a soft manner that is highly evocative.


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