Feedback: Intermin Presentation

The feedback from our interim presentation again told us to arrive at a more informed opinion on our concept if the relationship between emotional and rational thinking and also to consider how we want our audience to feel as they enter the data arena and experience our film. We have yet to really explore the visual aesthetic of this concept but I think once we do it will produce some really strong conceptual points.

Wolstenholme, L. notes on feedback

Chris raised some really interesting points on gender, theatre and disconnection which has given us some new ideas for potential research and image references. I really liked his introduction of theatre, which Chris extrapolated from Helen’s investigation into the ancient poet Homer, and the notion of a narrative and imagined world as this complements my investigation into surrealism.

As a group we have decided to continue our examination of siphonophores and arthropods as we all agree this is working well so far. At this time I looked back on the original sketches I had made during Dean Walsh’s workshops for inspiration. During his arthropod modality exploration, I found the arms to be the most engaging element as they would open and contract in a very exact manner which Dean called “calcify and carry”. In my initial sketches of the siphonophore modalities, I found that representing the movements through continuous line drawings felt most appropriate and really alluded to the flowing forms that his arms and hands created.

Looking back on this work had helped me refocused my mind on the task at hand, and our group has decided to move forward with looking at the polarities between Homer and Plato with much help from Helen who conducted significant research on these figures and their work. Unfortunately, I group still hasn’t come to an agreement over the type of experience we want to evoke in our audience but this isn’t due to opposing ideas, more so that we haven’t been able to produce any particularly strong concepts as of yet but we are still highly motivated.


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