25-26.1.17: MotionBuilder; preliminary research


In class we looked at more MotionBuilder with Holger and started learning Soft Image. Quite a challenge to keep up.

A class discussion with Chris enabled me a few more starting points re: research.

(Nour, G. 2017)

What I’m researching:

  • Language forms: scientific terms in electricity
  • Cellular systems and structures > osmosis
  • ICC centre, Tokyo > existence of silence
  • Understanding and recognition of colour
  • Miyanaga Akira > Robert Rauschenberg (layers)
  • Merce Cunningham
  • Electric eels and prey
  • Storms, how they work (lightning)
  • Living bacteria found in toxic water
  • Electrical luminescence of jellyfish
  • Brain synapses connected to the universe > NASA
  • Man without an identity

Images for Friday’s workshop:


Descriptions (in columns, left to right): an electric eel; a diagram of the cells and biology of an electric eel; SPECT images of a seizure compared to a non-seizure; a renaissance painting depicting a woman having a seizure, while a priest and others try to remove the devil from within her; Jorge Borges with a map overlaid on his head; an illustration depicting phone lines – reminiscent of anxiety and brain synapses; an illustration depicting phone lines – reminiscent of anxiety and brain synapses; Goblins’ Gold moss (glows in the dark); 5,500 year old Antarctic moss (I like the idea of moss for the way it spreads over other natural organisms – an intruder into its own territory); a still from a film by Miyanaga Akira (an experimental film maker that I really like – he uses layers a lot in his films which I think is a really cool way of storytelling a transition); a parallel of brain cells and images from the universe (from an article suggesting a connection); EEG traces of a blank seizure; an x-ray of electrodes connected to a patient about to have an ECG.


Comparison of neuron connections and large-scale structure of the universe [image], Mark Miller, Forbes, viewed 25 January 2017, <http://www.forbes.com/sites/startswithabang/2016/01/23/ask-ethan-is-the-universe-itself-alive/#7a46b59c500d >.

EEG trace [image], thetimeproject, viewed 25 January 2017, <https://projects.exeter.ac.uk/time/methods.php?cat=eeg >.

EEG trace [image], what-when-how, viewed 25 January 2017, <http://what-when-how.com/acp-medicine/epilepsy-part-1/ >.

Electric eel [photograph], Shekhtman, L, blogspot, viewed 25 January 2017, <http://paxonbothhouses.blogspot.com.au/2015/10/electric-eel-doubles-shock-value-by.html >.

Electric eel radar system [diagram], Quirky Science, viewed 25 January 2017, <http://www.quirkyscience.com/electric-eel-produces-electricity/ >.

Goblins’ Gold [photograph], Matt Goff, brainpickings, viewed 25 January 2017, <https://www.brainpickings.org/2015/05/13/gathering-moss-robin-wall-kimmerer/ >.

Head and Brains!! [illustration], brainpickings, viewed 25 January 2017, <https://www.brainpickings.org/?s=brain+synapses >.

Jorge Luis Borges [photograph], brainpickings, viewed 25 January 2017, <https://www.brainpickings.org/2016/09/19/a-new-refutation-of-time-borges/ >.

Miyanaga, A. 2016, teaser, Vimeo, viewed25 January 2017, <https://vimeo.com/178053273 >.

Neurocomic 4 [illustration], Neurocomic, viewed 25 January 2017, <http://www.neurocomic.org/images/drawings/1.jpg >.

Pinpointing seizure location [SPECT scan], Drugs.com, viewed 25 January 2017, <https://www.drugs.com/mcp/epilepsy-surgery >.

The master of San Severino’s Release of a Woman from Possession by the Devil (15th century) [photograph], The Guardian, viewed 25 January 2017, <https://www.theguardian.com/books/2016/aug/13/i-willed-him-to-wake-up-epilepsy-in-art-and-in-life >.

X-ray showing electrodes [x-ray image], Ned Sahin, Discover Magazine,viewed 25 January 2017, <http://discovermagazine.com/2010/mar/30-your-brain-in-real-time >.


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