Day 04 – Fri 27 Jan: Concept Development Workshop

Day 04: Concept Development Workshop
Session 04

So pumped for this today’s session! Time to get our hands dirty in some indelible paint, pastel, charcoal and Fimo clay. Yes, time to release some of that pent-up Motionbuilder angst which was suffocating our right-brain.

Our group pinned up images, which we brought up so to distinguish patterns of movement we felt represented the concept of an intruder within the framework of Estuary. Many displayed common rhythmic patterns, which represented the overall flow of the river ecosystem, but hard, stark elements were all seen and interpreted as abrupt and at times, menacing.

We then disseminated the images and collated them according to a flow where we felt the images led us. And with the integration of mixed media, we created a panorama which showed a sweeping rhythm, interrupted by an intruder which we marked out primarily in red.

We then created this.


We then discussed looking at the concept of the estuary in an interpretive and metaphoric framework and described it as an ecospace where the strong and vulnerable meet. We correlated that to the human understanding of emotion and rational which often is seen as conflicting states of mind. And explored it as in relation to siphonophores and arthropods as they physically embody contrasting biology yet can inhabit the same estuarial space.


My contribution to the imaging process was:


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